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North Carolina Memories

Today I flew to North Carolina to film the wedding of my former employee.

I was last here three and half years ago filming the first client project I ever did on my own.

Today I was reminiscing about that trip- it was my first time renting a car (I became intensely scared of driving as a  symptom of the abuse) and I remember gripping the wheel, driving down the green corridors, blasting music and feeling something (my soul) tell me yes yes yes you can do thissss…a whisper, more of this is coming…. It felt like such a leap in that moment to realize that the doubt that had been consuming me wasn’t the true story of who I am.

I felt a shift from only looking at what could be wrong with me, to what I am on my own…rather than what kind of life Im worthy inhabiting…I could claim what I wanted and trust in myself to align with that. I could follow my inner knowing, follow what brings me joy, be ok…

Today I feel on such different ground but similar in that I’m completing a season of inwardness, of questioning and grappling, tossing over tunes of unknowing, feeling in the fog…but now I trust in my full range. here again, the same wonder and possibility fills me, telling me to trust in the next phase of my soul’s expression…that each cycle and season is in service of my life’s journey, here to pull me deeper into this fabric of existence….what a beautiful unfolding it is…

Photo taken at: Durham, North Carolina

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