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Today I spent several hours walking around Manhattan while running errands before my flight home to Berkeley.

I reveled so fully in the delight of connection on the street.

The willing smiles.

The small moments of exchange.

The evolving wonder.

The endless curiosity.

Simultaneous realities meeting.

Each of us in our constant becoming.

Walking and noticing and connecting I felt so fully in my definition of joy.

I walked the streets I’ve cried my deepest tears on and felt my present tense fullness.

Four years since the worst days.

Here, now, I am standing on my two feet.

My spine is tall.

Dragons course through my veins.

I’m opening my eyes and my heart anew to my own becoming.

To my fullness.

Lovingly present to the narratives within.

Grateful for the grace of joy, but committed more than ever to my full range of feeling.

To the shedding of shame.

To the being with it all.

To, “how would you like it to be?”