Vehicle: Story. Goal: Liberation.

Change the Story. Change the World. Workshop

If you really want to change the world, you must become a powerful storyteller. Storytelling isn’t just a communications tool, but a central element of your transformative work. We must share stories that shift perceptions, ignite imaginations and inspire action. In this workshop I teach how storytelling plays an integral part in making change happen & how we can use it to build movements.

This workshop is designed to give visionaries & changemakers the practical skills to tell stories that change the world.


    • The crucial ingredients of magnetic stories
    • How to structure powerful personal stories
    • The core stories you can use to inspire action and build a movement
    • How to design a simple and effective process for choosing the perfect story to tell
    • How to craft a visionary narrative for your brand or movement that invites supporters to join you
    • How to communicate this visionary narrative through specific stories, across multiple platforms, online and off
    • How to create a storytelling strategy for your organization or company

I work with foundations, organizations, companies and movements to custom design workshops around your goals and needs.

Do you want to bring a workshop to your organization or city?

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What participants have to say about going through my workshop:

“For me the biggest “Ah-ha” moment of the storytelling session was that click in my mind after we told our stories to each other. I realized how close we are and connected to each other. Every person has meaningful stories inside of them.”

“The storytelling sessions taught me to see inside of people that light we don’t see usually. If we will be sincere with people around us they will be sincere with us. Stories can change the vision of the whole community. This workshop motivated me in different ways. For example, in my future projects I’m planning to explain people the goals of the projects, why we are doing it, whom it will benefit through storytelling.”

“It has already played a great impact in my relations with my community, I think my communication skills have improved a lot after this session.”

“Because of this workshop, I will spend more time getting to know other people’s stories because they are unique and worth sharing.”

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Slides from my workshop series with Be Social Change, Change the Story. Change the World.


I’ve led workshops teaching over 300 people how to tell powerful stories in Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Uganda, Palestine and the United States.