Looking for a keynote speaker to inspire your audience?

I am a passionate public speaker, inviting audiences into transformative experiences through my own vulnerability.

I lead with my personal story, sharing my journey of transforming pain into purpose.

From colleges to conferences, I speak about:
:: Why storytelling is at the heart of rebuilding our world
:: The power we have over the stories that create our world
:: How to re-write our individual & collective stories
:: How re-writing the story of who I am helped me achieve my dreams
:: Why social change must start from within
:: How to step into your power as the hero of your own life story

 What audiences have to say:

“Annie is a great and sincere speaker who inspired us to move forward. She made us believe in ourselves no matter what problems we have.”

“Now I am not afraid of telling my stories to people. It gave me motivation to move forward.”

“By listening to Annie, I realized I am not alone! There are other people who have problems similar to mine and they are strong enough to deal with them. If they can do it I can do it too.”

To book me for your event write annie[at]awakestorytelling.com.

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